More aircraft set to join the Kenya Airways fleet starting with a new B737-800NG this month

Meanwhile is travel with the Pride of Africa safe and recent schedule changes have introduced a range of additional flights on domestic routes to the Kenya coast, into the region and across Africa, which remains a key source market for transit passengers traveling with Kenya Airways via Nairobi to their final destinations.

ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 08th April 2015)

The recently witnessed attempt by sections of the social media, fueled by known individuals with an obviously hidden agenda to discredit Kenya Airways, has now all but evaporated as the puppet masters behind the campaign apparently realized that their intended purpose of the smear campaign could not be achieved.

While there is no hiding of the fact that the airline is going through a rough patch, caused by Ebola fears which has broadly impacted on sub-Saharan Africa and of course the crippling anti-travel advisories, both of which has affected passenger numbers, are there nevertheless silver linings on the horizon.

The airline plans to restructure their debt burden and the services of a consultancy firm will be used to accomplish that task, which in the short and medium term should bring financial relief in…

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From endless plains of the Bush to the sun kissed white beaches of East Africa

Image All journeys have a beginning and an end, but what happens in between is really up to you.  You may prefer to lie in the same hammock watching hippos at the same waterhole for ten days in a row, or you may have identified a dozen safari camps and four beach resorts that you want to visit before you return home.  It’s simply a process of selection, and here we can be really helpful.  We’ll give you our best advice about the most exciting sequence in which to experience your choices, and we’ll iron out any kinks involved in getting you from here to there – and back again, of course.

Find ideas for your Honeymoon Safari

Find ideas for your family

Find ideas for your friends

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East Africa get away


A safari is a great way to get away from your everyday life an experience something amazing. Going on a safari is an adventure that will provide you with a lifetime’s worth of great memories. It is completely worth it, and Nature Bound Africa provides competitive pricing on amazing packages that will give your trip that extra bit of magic. Several safari packages are available from Nature Bound Africa. These packages are perfect because they provide you with everything that you could ever want on a vacation without you having to put hours.

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November – December Holiday Activities in Tanzania

Kenya where sun never sets
Beautiful and wild, Kenya brings together diversity and contrasts in all senses. From its different landscapes to its mix of people, Kenya has long been a country for souls and those eager to learn about life on the African continent.

World’s finest national parks and reserves:

Kenya has magnificent national parks and reserves with a wide variety of flora and fauna, lush breathtaking mountains, tribal cultures and an amazing quality and variety of  bird-life which makes it your dream destination.

White Sandy Beaches
The 500kms of its golden beaches welcome visitors to relax and enjoy a peaceful surrounding away from the hustles and bustles of the everyday life.

Wildlife and the Big Five
Its wildlife attracts visitors that draws visitors from all over the world and they will be thrilled at the sight of the Kenya Big Five i.e. the lion the cheetah, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhino among hundreds more animals.
The land of a Thousand Hills sits sits at the hub of East Africa. It is here that deep volcanic forces tear the continental plates apart revealing an exquisite beauty where you will wake up to a golden lit sky splashed with mist; you will certainly feel a rush of cool, sweet, fresh air brush against your face.

Bridging the ecosystems of the Congo and the Great Rift Valley of the east you will find a home to the biological riches of both worlds.

Reaching the depths of the cradle of the mountain gorillas and staring into the eyes of these gentle giants you will discover a different form of *man*.
With the recently held presidential elections that were conducted in a smooth and organized manner, it can only go to show that this once ethnically divided country is ready to put the past behind and move forward. The Government and its people are working hard to unite, strengthen and secure the people of the country.

Some actions geared towards a partnership with the domestic and international tour operators, lodges and hotels has been a driving force for promoting cultural tourism and aspects such as infrastructural development has made its mark when it comes to improving the county’s tourism industry.
The visibility tiny country is moving forward in terms of tourism and even more plans to improve and strengthen the sector for it to succeed are in the pipeline.

Rwanda as a people and a nation are trying to find ways to look out for its people right from the top of the earning chain to the lowest man at the bottom. They have managed to do this by introducing pro-poor tourism so that even that Rwandese at the bottom can be involved in the tourism industry whether directly or indirectly, whether skilled labor or unskilled. Rwanda is introducing a world of possibility.

Its reputation of being Africa’s friendliest country originates from the fact that traditionally hospitality is a key element to its diverse population. Uganda is well  known for its low level of crimes and hassles towards tourists. As one of the mysteries of the Victorian age you can go back in time as you view the source of the Nile that starts here and flow all the way to Egypt. Be part of history that was once here.

Within an area comparable to that of Great Britain, Uganda is Africa’s most complete bird-watching destination with more than a thousand species recorded here. Spread across both sides of the equator one can have the opportunity to experience the biodiversity of the various national parks and protected areas across the country. Uganda’s star attraction lies divided between Bwindi National Park and the Virunga Mountains here lays the endangered mountain gorilla the bulkiest of all living primates.

This country is endowed with mesmerizing tracts of thorn-bush savannah teaming with various rainforests. Lakes and rivers heavy with aquatic life and the glacial peaks of Africa’s tallest mountain range. Uganda chose to embrace eco-tourism based on the fact that it promotes low-impact tourism avoids the adverse environmental effects of traditional tourism and from the sale of natural resources. Adding to this choice of tourism is the fact that it also appeals to different groups of people such as tourists, environmentalists, businesses as well as governments.

Given the ever rising concerns and threats that global warming poses, Uganda has continued to practice eco-tourism to minimize the negative effects that global warming would not only cause to her environment but also her tourism industry.

From the snow capped peak of Kilimanjaro to the endless plains of the Serengeti, from the sun -kissed island of the Zanzibar Archipelago to the gentle shores of Lake Victoria, the country contains immense cultural and natural wealth.

It was here, on the dusty floor of Olduvai Gorge, that early man left his first footprints. It was here, on palm fringed Zanzibar, that Swahili traders welcomed dhows and trading boats across the Indian Ocean.

For Millennia, Tanzania played an essential part in the life of the African continent. The great wilderness migration alone comprises of the largest movement of land animals on the planet. With over 25% of the country’s total land mass dedicated to the preservation of Africa’s great wilderness and credible range of animal species.

Peaceful country
The Republic of Tanzania is one of Africa’s most peaceful countries. Home to a flourishing democracy and prospering economy, the country is known for its peace and security. A well maintained infrastructure and three international airports connect its bustling commercial centers and ensure easy transportation, whether by air or by road.

Rich culture
Tanzania’s people are a diverse mix of traditional tribes, village farmers and cosmopolitan professionals united by a common language, Swahili and a strong sense of national community.

Famous National Parks
Serengeti National Park is undoubtedly the most famous of the country’s national parks, the annual wildebeest migration attracting thousands of visitors each year. For sheer African magic, the Ngorongoro Crater – often called the 8th Natural wonder of the world – is a must see. Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks also reward the discerning traveler.

Tropical Beaches
The magic of the safari isn’t all this great country has to offer, Tropical beaches, coral reefs and Swahili culture along the Indian ocean coast are also a main attraction for visitors who want to end their experience of the African bush with some well – earned relaxation, Zanzibar style.

Mountain Climbing
For the more intrepid adventures, a climb to the rooftop of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, is the highlight of a safari itinerary. Longer treks through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, through the magical Gol mountains or up the active volcano or Ol Donyo Lengai, are a fantastic way to experience little-visited parts of the country in a new way.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing

Getaway from winter to Africa for summer and get to climb the highest African Summit – ( Roof of Africa ) Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

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